Sustainably Raised Meat

We sell meat products including pork, veal, and beef raised on our farm; they contribute to our sustainability practices. Our Jersey herd is Animal Welfare Approved, which means that we are certified to uphold the highest standards for animal welfare of any humane food certification program. Our pork and veal are processed locally at a USDA approved facility.

WhEy Fed Pork?

We raise our heritage-breed pigs on whey, a by-product of the cheesemaking process. This contributes to our whole-farm sustainability, plus the whey gives the pork a rich and creamy flavor due to the high nutrient content. 

Our sausages use whole hams, not just the trim, and custom spice mixes. You can find them at the Durham Farmers Market , Eno River Farmers Market, and the Carrboro Farmers Market, as well as on the menu at some local restaurants, including James Beard award winning Lantern Restaurant

Our meat varieties available may change depending on the week, so keep an eye on social media for what we may have available at market that week - or just ask! We frequently have Bratwurst, Mild Italian, Hot Italian, Chorizo, Smoked Andouille, Breakfast Sausage, and Ground Pork.
Where to Buy
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