CHC joins Certified Regenerative Farm Pilot Program

Posted on January 7, 2022 in

A Greener World, which audits and certifies us yearly as “Animal Welfare Approved” has started a new pilot program: Certified Regenerative Farm. We are honored to have been asked to be one of 50 farms worldwide to join this pilot program!

We’re excited about being certified as a regenerative farm. While we have always considered ourselves to be environmentalists, this pilot program inspires us to examine our practices in great detail, and prepare a 5 year plan to improve soils, water and air quality….ensure sustainability in terms of staff pay/benefits….plan for the future through transition to the next generation on the farm…..and more – it’s an all encompassing program!

Each farm in the pilot program writes their own 5 to 10 year regenerative plan, in accordance with the guidelines of the pilot program. Each plan will look different because each farm is different. As we work on writing our plan for Chapel Hill Creamery, we will be sharing some detail about our current situation and the goals for the future. You’ll be seeing a bit of the “underbelly” which we don’t like to brag about – but this program is so inspirational we think it’s worth it to share our journey. Stay tuned!

On a very sad note: Andrew Gunther, executive director of A Greener World, died suddenly this week. He was a huge presence within the organization, and will be greatly missed. The mission will be carried on by the dedicated staff of AGW, who will remain committed to the work Andrew spearheaded.

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