Celebrating Earth Day Week with 10% Day for AGW

Posted on January 7, 2022 in

Participating in A Greener World’s pilot program for Regenerative Farm Certification is an inspirational experience for us at Chapel Hill Creamery. While we have always thought of ourselves as good stewards of the land, and conscientious environmentalists – we had not yet put into place specific goals for regenerating our little piece of the earth or the targets and timelines for achieving those goals. In accordance with the required standards of the pilot program, we develop our own plans for excelling in environmental stewardship and regenerating our own farmland.

Water and air quality are of course part of our regenerative plan, as is soil building, carbon footprint, and waste management – but so is social justice, community involvement, financial stability, humane animal treatment, biodiversity, and habitat preservation – all things that made Flo and me want to start Chapel Hill Creamery 20 years ago.

Many thanks to the great team at A Greener World for encouraging us on this journey to make CHC the best we can possibly be.  To support this new certification program on Earth Day week, we are donating 10% of our Saturday, April 24 market sales (Carrboro, Durham, and Eno) to A Greener World so that the program can be extended to more and more farms.  Come shop with us!

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