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Tangy and salty, this brine-aged cheese has a creamy yet crumbly texture. Our Pheta is milder than goat or sheep’s milk feta because it’s made with rich, pasteurized milk from our Jersey cows. The grass in the cows’ diet gives our Pheta its distinctive creamy color. Pheta adds excitement to salads, pizza, grilled vegetables or pasta salads, and it’s a perfect complement to roasted beets. Serve with cooked French lentils and potatoes. Or for a typical Mediterranean appetizer, enjoy with good quality olive oil, Kalamata olives and a sprinkling of fresh, woodsy oregano.

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Lentils with Pheta Recipe

Wine pairing

Our Pheta screams for the pithy lemony characteristics of white Bordeaux from southwestern France.

Beer pairing

Gose makes an amazing pairing! These refreshing German beers mirror why we like Pheta: Lean, lemony and salty. Perfect for a warm afternoon.


NC State Fair: Silver (2014 – 2012)
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