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Definitely not your ordinary ‘pizza cheese’!  We make our Fresh Mozzarella with the rich and creamy pasteurized milk from our Jersey cows, which gives it a soft and delicate texture. And because our herd grazes on a natural diet of grass, this delectable cheese has a warm, butter-yellow color. It’s both mild and sweet, with that clean, fresh taste of milk. For a burst of summer, enjoy a Caprese salad with alternating slices of vine-ripe tomatoes and Fresh Mozzarella, drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with chopped basil. Or melt over crusty bread and grilled eggplant, olive tapenade or roasted red peppers for a tasty bruschetta appetizer. Perfect for ‘extraordinary’ pizzas!

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Fresh Mozz with Rigatoni Recipe

Wine pairing

Sancerre, a white wine made from Sauvignon Blanc in the eastern Loire valley of France, works very well with the lovely fresh whey cleanness of our Fresh Mozzarella. The flavor of the cheese changes simple citrus flavors in the wine to something closer to preserved lemon.

Beer pairing

French or Belgian Saison beers have complex herbal, floral aromas which frame perfectly the clean, bright quality of our Fresh Mozzarella. Ideal for spring and summer picnics! These refreshing farmhouse ales are becoming easier to find at US craft breweries with each passing year.


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