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You can really taste the good Jersey milk in this semi soft cheese! Made with pasteurized milk, our Dairyland Farmers Cheese is a fresh, moist cheese and has a clean, vibrant flavor with a tangy hint of citrus. The creaminess and slight saltiness of this cheese make it a delicious addition to pasta salads and vine-ripe tomato sandwiches. Melt into Mexican dishes such as burritos and quesadillas or crumble into spicy fish tacos. For a heavenly farm-fresh breakfast, add to scrambled eggs. Excellent with hot pepper jelly for an appetizer. Kids (of all ages) love this cheese.

Where to Buy

Dairyland Market Salad Recipe

Wine pairing

Chablis is lean, minerally, and lovely with Dairyland Farmers Cheese.
This style of Chardonnay from cool eastern France has overt green apple flavors: Fresh cheese and crisp green apples: does it get better?

Beer pairing

Wit beer from Belgium pairs well with Dairyland Farmers Cheese.
This fresh style of ale is often brewed with overt use of coriander, orange peel and an array of other aromatic spices. It can smell like countryside in summer, bringing the freshness of this cheese into the foreground.


American Cheese Society Competition 2018
1st Place Fresh Unripened Cheese
NC State Fair: Gold (2014, 2011) Silver (2013, 2012)
World Jersey Cheese Awards: Bronze (2012)
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