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To create this distinctive bold cheese, our fresh Dairyland Farmers Cheese is cold-smoked over hickory wood chips for about four hours. This traditional smoking process imparts an intense, smoky flavor to the cheese without exposing it to heat. So while it is slightly drier than our Dairyland Farmers Cheese, this smoked version is still moist inside. And the tangy tartness of the cheese accentuates its earthy, smoky flavor even more!  This supple cheese slices well and is good for melting. Add it to sautéed vegetables, pasta dishes, or sandwiches for a grilled flavor. Crumble it over market-fresh seasonal greens such as kale or collards. And it adds extra punch to burgers, enchiladas and scalloped potatoes.

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Burritos with Smoked Farmers Cheese Recipe

Wine pairing

Traditional Rioja aged in American oak is a good match with Smoked Farmers. The distinct, lively Tempranillo fruit ends up in the foreground and the smokiness of the cheese and wine complement each other.

Beer pairing

The wallop of woodsy wintry smokiness packed into a rauchbier from Bamberg in Germany is perfect with Smoked Farmers. Ranging from refreshing summer-appropriate smoked lagers to deeply malty, treacly ales, the smoke character is present in varying degrees throughout.