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This semi-ripened cheese is a younger, smaller version of our Carolina Moon, aged just 2 weeks. You’ll discover a delightfully fresh, lemony taste – slightly tart, with a hint of grassiness. This button sized cheese is great for snacking.  Add it to a salad of leafy mixed greens, ripe pears and vinaigrette, or savor for brunch with local honey and warm brioche. New Moon makes a charming and scrumptious gift – get one to give, and one for yourself!

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New Moon Salad Recipe

Wine pairing

The honeysuckle and melon aromas of Prosecco accentuate the grassy freshness of New Moon, whilst the wine’s bright acidity complements the cheese’s richness.

Beer pairing

The malty sweetness of a traditional English bottle-conditioned ale is terrific with New Moon!