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Resembling a full moon shining over our beautiful Tar Heel state, Carolina Moon is our North Carolinian version of Camembert.  This decadent, soft-ripened cheese is made from pasteurized Jersey milk, and has the traditional round shape of its French counterpart. Aged for 4-5 weeks, it has a delicious buttery, mushroom-y flavor and a rich, creamy texture. Carolina Moon is perfect served at room temperature with baguette or crackers and seasonal fruit or fig jam. Or top with thinly sliced apples, a pinch of cinnamon and bake inside phylo dough.

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Wine pairing

Carolina Moon is exceptionally delicious with a dry rosé from the Roussillon region of France, made from Grenache and Mourvèdre grapes. With its ripe red fruit aromas, the wine has a zing that cuts into the luscious texture of the cheese.

Beer pairing

Belgian ales really bring out the earthy, creamy flavors of this cheese.  Enjoy Carolina Moon with the malty, grainy goodness of a dubbel from a real-deal Trappist brewery!


NC State Fair: Best of Show (2013), Gold (2014), Silver (2012)
World Jersey Cheese Awards: Silver (2012)
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